Praxis rerum criminalium, Damhouder
The legal collections from the University of Strasbourg and the National & Academic Library (BNU) complete one another both in volume and diversity.

Our digitised legal collection showcases around a hundred documents that were carefully selected by lecturers and researchers from the University of Strasbourg's law faculty.

The Legal Research Library (Bibliothèque de recherche juridique) of the University keeps around a thousand documents predating 1811: 600 of which relating to the Ancien Régime, 300 on Germanic law, and 100 on Roman law.

This collection was first amassed when the Juristisches Seminar zu Strassburg, the law institute of the German imperial university (Kaiser-Wilhelms-Universität Strassburg) was created in 1872, then later augmented when the University of Strasbourg became French again after WWI.